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A whole life is comprised of many different factors and is similar to spokes of a bicycle wheel, balancing our physical activity, with relationships, activities of fulfillment, spirituality, and on and on.  Each spoke needs attention and care, in some areas we have abundance and in others we are lacking.  That’s were we come in!  Food and nourishment is a area that may come and go in life and as we age and discover precarious changes in our body, it’s nice to have a go-to for support and guidance.  Let our trusted team at Cleveland Yoga be that for you!

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Jenn Harte

Jenn.cropped-2 Jenn is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach and leads various cleanses and detox workshops at Cleveland Yoga throughout the year.  She is certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is continuing her education with Andrea Nakayama and the Holistic Health Lab.

Jenn’s approach to healing is based in education.  Learning about our bodies both through the function and physiology provides a foundation. From that base, each individual is empowered with knowledge to tune into what is not working so well in their bodies and get to the underlying root causes.  Through cleanses, we eliminate specific food groups, like detectives discovering that foods like dairy, gluten or excess sugar could be the cause of much discomfort or even disease.  We also deep dive into what could be eating us and what we let get under our skin which creates emotional stress, triggering physical ailment.  Overall, her goal is be your support and provide the tools to each participant to live a healthier, longer life.


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