Amy’s Interview w/ Meg Witt on NEON YOGA

Hi Meg!  You are teaching Neon Yoga again on Friday, March 7th, at Cleveland Yoga Uptown. What made you want to teach this workshop for a second time?

Because we had so much fun the first time!  I think it’s a perfect time of year because it’s spring and we are all OVER winter. It will be fun to dress in bright colors and break out the glow sticks while we talk about goals and what we want to achieve this year. It’s time to start dreaming big and get inspired!

Yes – so excited for spring!  Besides the season, is this Neon Yoga different from the first one?

It’s the same neon, big dreams and yoga but based on feedback we got from the first Neon Yoga, we are going to do a mini-workshop that’s only 30 minutes long instead of 60.  We will do a vision meditation for about 10 minutes and then share our “5 year” dream life and we are going to talk about SMART goals briefly – how to create powerful goals from your 5 year vision.  We will end with everyone choosing ONE thing they can action on this year that will lead to their 5 year vision and we’ll post those goals on sticky notes on the front windows.  They will become our focus while we practice.  After the goal coaching workshop we will turn off the lights, pass out the glow sticks and turn up the tunes while we practice for 90 minutes.  The last Neon Yoga workshop included a 60 minute practice so we’ve extended it for this one.  Same party. Same fun. Different season.

Where did you learn to help people set goals and what do you love about it?

My father is a minister.  He has pastored churches my whole life and he is also a writer and used to be a Dale Carnegie instructor.  One of his many talents is helping others define their dreams and find out what they love.  He has developed trainings to teach this to thousands of people over the years and I grew up with it as a way of life.  The program he teaches is called “MAP training” and it’s all about finding direction and a map for your life.  He does really cool exercises with people where he has them think about what gets them up at 6 a.m. or what they would do if they only had six months to live.  This gets people focused on what is most important to them.  He also has people journal what they would want others to say about them after they’re gone.  This inspires people to think about their legacy and what they want to be a cause for in the world – what they want to stand for and be known for by others.

I use a lot of the tools he has taught me and then I worked for lululemon for almost two years and that company makes goal “coaching” a huge part of their culture.  I was the store manager and one of my favorite parts of the role was sitting down with people to talk about what they love and what gets them up in the morning.  When I hear people say, “You talked to me about this or that a few years ago and because of it I made this move or started this business or broke away from this unhealthy relationship, etc.” it honestly fills me with so much gratitude and it’s one of the things I love the most in life.  People living passionate lives inspires me.

Awesome. Sounds like so much fun.  So, on the topic of goal-setting, and living big and bright…  do you have a 2014 goal that you want to share with the community?

Yes! My BIG 2014 goal, honestly, is to finish my bachelor’s degree. I am working on my business degree at Malone University right now and it’s been kind of a life-long goal to finish this degree. After my son was born, I felt re-energized to pursue that for me and for him – to be an example.  I graduate from my program in November and then I’ll have just a couple of classes left.  That’s my big goal for this year.  Honestly, when you start writing down your goals you have to check them off just as fast!  I was talking to another Cleveland Yoga teacher the other night and he was saying he can already cross off a couple of his goals from last year because they’ve come to pass.  It’s such an exciting process to manifest your dreams and see your wishes come true when you combine them with action.  I love that I’m surrounded by goal-setters and dreamers at Cleveland Yoga!

That’s great! Thanks for sharing!  And it sounds like this Neon Yoga will be a blast, just like the first one.  What’s more fun than getting excited about your life and then practicing yoga with like-minded people?!  Thanks, Meg!

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