Are you ready for YOUR Yoga Adventure?

Chris Jankus has been with Cleveland Yoga for over 10 years now – a dedicated practitioner and desk yogi at our Beachwood Studio.  She completed the 40 Days to Personal Revolution many years ago, which cleared the path for her yoga adventure to where she is today.  Discover for yourself what it is all about!  The {guided} Yoga Adventure is November 1st – 15th.

On the anniversary of his birth, devotees of a certain yogi asked what gifts they might bring him. The celebrated yogi replied, “I wish for no gifts, only presence.”

Sometime in September, on Facebook Tami Schneider asked, “What year were YOU born?” I thought what a great question. The date of my birth or rebirth is August 14, 2004 at Cleveland Yoga. I remember this day like it was yesterday. It was a sultry Saturday in August when I decided it was time to return to a gentle workout from an injury. Prior to that day for 4 months, I was unable to walk without pain due to damage in the nerves on the balls of my feet from taking too many step aerobics classes.

Anne Marie Kramer subbed for Tami on that day. During class all I could think was, “Is it too hot in here, or is it just me? It seems like it’s too hot. Everyone else seems to be okay with it. Be okay with it, Chris!”; “Oh my God! I’m not breathing. I can’t feel myself breathing. I’m going to die! Chris, there are no known deaths by yoga.” After a lot of positive self-talk getting through the class, I did not know the prize at the end called savasana would let the practice settle into my body and seep into my mind. I left class feeling proud that I finished without once resting in child’s pose. As crazy as it sounds, I came back the next day.

After that first day, I had been practicing yoga 3-4 times a week. It was not until I committed to doing my first 40 Days to a Personal Revolution led by Tami and Anne Marie I realized that yoga can and should be practiced every day. For me, 40 Days to a Personal Revolution was life changing.

As a result of completing 40 Days several times, I have changed my diet from a 2 Lean Cuisine a day to a fresh, homemade mostly vegan but, sometimes vegetarian one. I find washing and chopping vegetables to be meditative.   I am a member of a Meditation Monday’s group that practices pranayama (breath control practice) and meditation, and discusses yoga philosophy. I have integrated the philosophy into my practice for a complete yoga lifestyle.

I am so grateful for yoga, Cleveland Yoga and her teachers – especially Tami Schneider. I am content to be the 11 year old woman I am today! Ha-ha!

As many of you know, I love to start my day with a laugh and a pun. For your punning pleasure:

Knock, knock

Who’s there?


Yoga who?

Yoga to try this, it feels amazing

Chris Jankus, Desk Yogi at Cleveland Yoga Beachwood for over 10 years