CY Slow Flow featured in The Plain Dealer!

‘Slow Flow’ yoga class suits even the least flexible of participants: Stretching Out


BEACHWOOD, Ohio — When I run, bike or swim, my goal is to go fast. With yoga, by contrast, I have no choice but to take it slow. Very slow.

Which is probably why “Slow Flow,” a regular offering of Cleveland Yoga, sat so well with me, even as my tight hips kept me from actually sitting properly.

Between its stately pace and more-or-less realistic poses, the 60-minute session suited me just about as closely as any yoga program ever will, providing me with everything from soothing stretches and mind-clearing calm to attainable goals and sweat-inducing challenges.

Not that I enjoyed it, mind you. Not exactly. Sweeter, more helpful instructors don’t exist, and my classmates couldn’t have been more tolerant.  READ MORE >>