Meg’s YIN-terview w/ CY Teacher, Ezra Warren

Meg:  Hey Ezra!  I’ve been hearing so many amazing things about your classes lately.  Students and teachers alike are buzzing about you and it makes me want to clear my schedule and take my mat to your class as soon as possible!  I’m so excited for your upcoming “Slow Burn To Yin” class at Uptown.

Meg:  Tell me what you love about Yin yoga?”

Ezra:  I love yin yoga because I think it’s necessary in any form of yoga practice.  It gives a different element to the typical “yang” (or fire, power) yoga that’s introduced and offers “water”.  It shows another side — a passive side — where you can find an edge without straining or pushing muscles but by just observing and seeing yourself within a posture.

Meg:  Why should people come to your special, Friday night class?  What can they look forward to?

Ezra:  For one, it’s going to be a place where you’ll have room to explore a different aspect of yoga.  I think it’s important for someone who is persistent and dedicated to their yoga practice to explore this style of practice to give them a different perspective.  In this class we’re going to do things intelligently and really make it “work” in your body so you can experience a deeper opening and awareness within your body.  We’re not going to be in a rush.  We’re gong to take things slow.  When you do this – when you take things slower – you realize that the slower you move the more specific you become.  I believe it’s going to be an eye-opening experience for some people.

Meg:  Tell me about your personal experiences with Yin yoga?

Ezra:  When I first started practicing “yin” yoga I struggled greatly but understood the purpose which is learning to relax with “what is”.  It has monumentally excelled the physical form of my practice but more importantly my mental awareness.  I’ve gained greater patience and it’s taught me to be in the moment and accept the process and the challenge.

Meg:  How will the evening be set up?

Ezra:  We’re going to start with a typical power vinyasa class for 30 minutes that we’re calling a “Slow Burn”.  During this portion I’ll explain the theory and principles behind yin yoga and we’ll work a slow, muscular intensive practice.  From there, we’ll delve intelligently into 60 minutes of yin where we’ll target the low back and the hips.

Meg:  Ezra, thanks for taking the time to chat with me.

Ezra:  You’re welcome!  Thanks.