Liforme Yoga Mats

Why try a Liforme Yoga mat?  They’re environmentally friendly, give you warrior-like grip and assist with healthy alignment.  Stop into our Breathe Boutique to try one today!

Planet Friendly

These mats are PVC free and made with no toxic chemicals so you can breathe easy and trust that this mat is as planet friendly as possible.

  • Biodegradable in 1-5 years in normal landfill conditions
  • Made with naturally sourced sustainable rubber
  • Unique etched alignment guide, no harmful inks
  • Made with an innovative heat-bonding process to eliminating the need for toxic glues
  • PVC free

Warrior-like Grip

This mat is made with revolutionary ‘GripForMe’ material, and is the grippiest Yoga mat available. It stays grippy even when you’re dripping sweat, allowing you to stay focused on your practice instead of having to constantly adjust from slipping.


Have you ever tried to navigate without a map? You can wander here and there, but if you’re trying to get somewhere with accuracy and ease then being map-less is difficult.

The unique AlignForMe System works as a navigational tool for your asana practice. No more wondering what should go where, or guessing if you’re in alignment. The combination of intelligent markers gives you as much, or as little, guidance as you want.