What Teacher Training Alumni Have to Say About the Program

We know how great our teacher training program is…but don’t take our word for it! Read how the program has changed our alumni’s lives:

Cleveland Yoga’s teacher training program prepared me to not only teach a dynamic, fun, and challenging class, but also to be a confident teacher. Since graduating from CYTT I’ve been working as a full time instructor all over Cleveland teaching at yoga.  I also now teach patients with Parkinson’s at hospitals and kindergarten students in the classroom. The opportunities to teach are endless and the CYTT program prepares you to go out in the world and confidently share the practice of yoga with others.  ~ Kate

Cleveland Yoga’s 200 hour teacher training led by Tami Schneider set me on a path to becoming an empowered yoga teacher.  It’s a path that I still enjoy traveling today. Soon after graduating from the program, I was teaching and assisting classes. Tami provided a solid foundation of the Baptiste principles, Baptiste True North Alignment, and classroom assisting, just to name a few! She also led inquiry sessions that shifted the way I approach my life and personal relationships. The skills I learned from Tami are reflected in my teaching today, and the personal connections I made in teacher training enriched my life. I highly recommend Cleveland Yoga’s teacher training program! ~ Lissa (2014 Graduate)

CY prepared and encouraged me to value myself and connect with others. As a yoga teacher, I am constantly learning from every experience on my mat. I am constantly challenged. But, I grow from each of these challenges. The mere act of getting out and sharing my experience will always get me out of my comfort zone. Yoga has rebuilt my interpersonal skills and validated my personal experience. I’ve learned, when I give back, I receive.  ~ Valerie (2014 Graduate)

Cleveland Yoga’s Teacher Training Program empowered to me to share this practice rooted in the Baptiste Methodology. The training not only provided the tools to be an effective yoga teacher but also to be the very best version of yourself. Through coaching, guided meditation, self inquiry, hands-on assists and thoughtful discussions we delved deeply into the asana and teaching techniques. The process was transformative for me on and off the mat.  ~ Katie