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300 Hours


About the Course

Become a Visionary for the Greater Good

Evaluate and elevate your teaching skills through Cleveland Yoga’s 300-Hour Advanced Training! During this intimate course of 12 immersive weekends, we will dive into the science of anatomy as well as advance your understanding of movement and muscle activation. Acquire tools to reshape the practice for all levels of abilities, skill levels, athletic needs, trauma-sensitive, and more. Learn motivation techniques for yourself and your students. Hone the tools you need to become a visionary for the greater good of your community. Over the course of 300 hours through our flexible in-person or virtual programming, you’ll focus on creativity and unique subject matter areas, such as:

Level-up Your Skills, Inside the Methodology, Meditation, Meta-Physical Anatomy.

Refine what you know. Upgrade your teaching skills and renew your inspiration through live coaching and supportive feedback. Our sessions together are designed to bring you back to your center and revive your passion for teaching. The upgraded science of the Baptiste Methodology will live as the backbone of this program. Your asana and meditation practice will be resurrected. We will create a physical and metaphysical practice by diving in the chakra energy systems and how/why it works.

Anatomy, Assists, Authenticity, and More

Take a more in-depth look at anatomy and allow yourself to advance your understanding of skeletal movement and muscle activation with each pose. Specific conversations on hip and shoulder mobility and living with a healthy spine will be presented and practiced. Enhance your ability to assist and connect with your students based on new anatomical knowledge. Learn how to confidently lead powerful classes and events in your community.

Leadership, Community Commitment, Mindful Inclusion, and the Business of Yoga

As a yoga teacher, you are a business and community wellness leader. You will learn how to establish your brand through the work you do on and off the mat: Self-leadership, Creating healthy bodies and minds in your communities, creating successful off-site events, effectives playlists, creating powerful and engaging live-stream sessions, social media and auditioning with confidence. Motivation techniques and team-building exercises for yourself, your students, and team members will give you the tools to be a visionary for the health and well-being for yourself, your family and your communities.

“During this training, it is my commitment for you to experience real personal development during these days of uncertainty, social division and general unrest. Our world needs the practices of yoga now more than ever. And, our world needs authentic teachers that are in continued studies who can respond to these uncertain times from an inner wisdom, personal strength and resilience.” ~ Tami Schneider, E-RYT-500, Founder Cleveland Yoga Studios, Entrepreneur, Int’l Yoga Teacher, and Visionary for the Greater Good.

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