Beginners Workshops

Why take a Beginners Yoga Workshop?

Taking a beginners yoga workshop is a great way to focus on your poses, ask questions, develop your practice and make new friends. Teachers will demonstrate poses and make alignment adjustments, focusing on your practice and be able to give you some one-on-one guidance.

Beginners Workshop I

This is a great way to learn the basics in an intimate non-competitive environment. Cleveland Yoga’s expert teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of alignment and breath work as you begin to experience for yourself some of the benefits that arise from practicing yoga such as:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Cardiovascular and digestive health
  • Sense of well being & relaxation

In this workshop you will learn proper yogic breathing techniques, sun salutations, standing poses and hip openers. The workshop will conclude with a deep relaxation, wear comfortable clothing.

Beginners Workshop II

Deepen your practice by refining your transitions and taking your existing poses to the next step.  We will guide you through the basic poses and move you forward in your physical practice to help you reach your full potential with ease.

In this workshop we will cover:

  • The importance of the breath (ujjayi) and the abdominal lock (uddiyana bhanda)
  • Twisting poses (revolving crescent lunge, revolving triangle)
  • Traditional Headstand and Tri-pod Headstand
  • Flipped Dog to Wheel
  • Arm binding
  • Split pose (hanumanasa)
  • Crow pose (balasana)
  • Meditation (stillness)

Learn to become more conscious of realigning the bones, lengthening and strengthening your muscles, and cleansing and rinsing the organs. This new found awareness will help the body to safely create more space and freedom with less tension and blockage.

This workshop is for those who are familiar with yoga and knowledge of Surya Namaskar (traditional Sun Salutations A & B) is recommended.