FAQs About Yoga

We created a frequently asked questions about yoga section for our community, to help provide answers to commonly asked questions.

Yoga is a system of physical and mental practices that originated more than 6,000 years ago. Its purpose is to assist each one of us to achieve our highest potential, improve our health and discover joy through our connection with the mind, body and spirit. With yoga we can improve the quality of our lives by reducing the levels of stress and fatigue we carry in our bodies. We can live longer and better together.

YES!  You can purchase the new student offer at the studio, or you can purchase it online, before you come in.

Beginners and first time visitors should start with our Slow Flow or Power Yoga Basics classes. Also, look for our Beginner’s Workshops, they are the fastest way to jump-start your practice. Be patient with your progress! Over time, you will become familiar with the poses and you will soon be comfortable in any class on our schedule.

Absolutely. Practice regularly and you will quickly gain flexibility and strength. All of our classes engage and stretch your muscles, improving your balance, focus, power and range of motion.

Wear comfortable exercise pants, leggings or shorts made of breathable fabric. A form-fitting top made of a supple fabric will make your practice more comfortable. Check out the Breathe Boutique for some of our favorite clothing for both men and women. Bare feet only in the studio, please.

Yes. You will need a yoga sticky mat. If you do not own one, you can purchase one of our many varieties in the Breathe Boutique.  You will also want to bring a towel for your mat. Sweat can quickly make your mat a slippery mat.

Yes. Our classes are ongoing and you can attend any class you’d like, either in person at the studio, or via live stream. Certain classes and workshops will fill up. To ensure you are enrolled in your favorite class, we recommend online advance registration.

Passes can be purchased at the studio or online. For our cost of classes passes, check out our pricing page.

OM is an ancient mantra, a primordial vibration (definition: prīˈmôrdēəl ~ existing at or from the beginning of time). It is so old that its very nature is innately sacred. In many of our classes we start and end by chanting three (3) OMs to create harmony and unity within the class.

Our classes always end with the teacher and students reciting the word Namaste. Simply said, Namaste means: “The Light in Me Honors The Light in You.” Reciting Namaste enables individuals to come together energetically, to a place of connection.