Cleveland Yoga powerhouse teacher and CrossFit Distinction Co-Owner Scott Supler gives some insight to his well-rounded wellness routine

Cleveland Yoga powerhouse teacher and CrossFit Distinction Co-Owner Scott Supler gives some insight to his well-rounded and effective wellness routine, which is built on a healthy combination of yoga, CrossFit and nourishing meals.

What does CrossFit offer your fitness/health journey?

It’s actually really simple: the ability to better perform normal, everyday movements, especially as we get older.  The foundation of CrossFit has never changed — perform constantly-varied functional movements at a high intensity. There’s a big misconception that CrossFit is just about lifting heavy weights and doing crazy-looking exercises. But think about it. Functional movements — squatting (every time you sit down on a toilet), pulling (every time you lift a heavy bag of groceries off the ground) and pressing (every time you lift your kid in the air) are just of few of the movements that we teach that almost everyone will perform throughout their life. We all do these things, which is why CrossFit is for everybody and every (space) body, regardless of your age, gender or exercise history.

We constantly vary workouts to keep them fresh, fun and targeting different muscles every day.  We use high intensity work to include a cardiovascular component, which keeps the heart strong and pumping!

What does yoga offer?

Aside from the obvious benefits of increased flexibility and mobility, small-muscle strength building and balance (just to name a few), yoga offers an escape from an increasingly busy and almost over-connected world.  For about 60 minutes, you get to disconnect.  Just you and a mat.  No phone calls, no texts, no social media, no talking.  We like to say, “Disconnect to reconnect.”

How do the two complement each other?

In many senses, CrossFit and yoga don’t just complement each other, they ARE each other.  Crescent Warrior is the top of a walking lunge.  Chair Pose is the middle of an air squat.  Chattauranga is half of a push-up.  In yoga, we teach those things in a slow and controlled manner so our bodies can feel them and commit them to our muscle memory.  Stretching muscles and ligaments in yoga increases flexibility and mobility and reduces the risk of injury by subjecting athletes to the range of motion necessary to perform CrossFit movements at a higher intensity.

What is your typical weekly schedule of each discipline?

Ideally, I like to CrossFit 5 days a week, practice yoga 3 days a week. Yoga is great active recovery, something to keep you moving and sweating on your days off from CrossFit.  Even throwing in a yoga class in on the same day of a particularly tough CrossFit workout feels amazing.

Any other wellness habits you incorporate into your daily wellness routine?

FOOD & MEAL PREP!  I can’t emphasize it enough.  Cook and fill your fridge with healthy foods, meals and snacks to reduce the temptation of carryout and processed foods.  In my fridge you’ll always find cooked 90% or leaner meat, 100% whole wheat pasta or brown rice, cut-up fruit and veggies. I also pre-make a a few egg-white omelets to heat up for breakfast. Set aside some time on Saturday or Sunday to prep and stock up for the week.  It’ll better keep you on track and save you time when your schedule is hectic.

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