What Inspires You?

by Halley Firstenberg


“What inspires you?”

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately.

It seems like such a cliche, but I think it’s worth answering — to get clear about what propels us into action.  And then more specifically, what are the actions we want to take? What’s next? These are great questions for this time of year as we move into the holidays and a new year.   It allows us to decide what is working, what’s not working, and where we see ourselves headed based on what inspires us most.

I’ve recently taken a break to focus my time and energy on teaching and self-study.  I just completed my 300-hour advanced teacher training to become a 500 Hour E-RYT certified yoga instructor.  I did this to elevate my teaching, come back to my inspiration, and to better serve all of my students.  Now I’m in “what is next?” mode.

So, what inspires me?  You do!  Every time I see someone on their mat attempt a pose where they have to be brave, I am inspired.  Every time I see someone make difficult changes in their life to better themselves, I am inspired.  Seeing someone fight through their own resistance, I am inspired!  Watching people be brave enough to step into their full potential, unapologetically and without the need to look good or  please others, that is the epitome of what inspires me!

I watch you create amazing things, take on projects, and start businesses.  You do it based on your passions and are so brave for doing so!  You have constantly reminded me that it is never too late, and that we all hit stumbling blocks along the way.  That’s part of the process.  And from that, we learn and grow.  It makes me want to better myself and contribute.  More workshops, more trainings and more classes — so I can put myself out there the way so many of you do.

Something you might not know:  every time I plan a workshop or a training or even teach a class, I get nervous.  Sometimes, I get really nervous.  I know what I have to deliver is unique but I still wonder…is this good enough?  Will people show up?  Will they be interested in what I have to say? It’s scary! WE HAVE TO BE BRAVE EVERY SINGLE TIME we attempt something new, knowing that failure is an option.  And then we do it again.  And again.  Even if we we fail, we still keep trying. Watching people go through this process and come out a better person for it inspires me!

Halley Firstenberg is a Cleveland Yoga and Cleveland Yoga Concord teacher, and owner of littleOmie.  littleOMie is your source for everything Kids Yoga related. Passionate about our youth’s well-being and self-esteem, Halley’s goal is for children of all ages, economic and racial background to have access to yoga.

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