Cleveland Yoga Little Italy features radiant heat panels.




Tami Schneider, the founder and owner of Cleveland Yoga studios in the Cleveland area, was first introduced to Radiant Electric Heat about five or six years ago by a fellow hot yoga studio owner, who operates studios in the Boston area.

“We both had forced air units in our original studios and were discussing the high cost of the equipment, installation and the fees to operate. Not to mention the maintenance fees,” said Schneider. “He had just opened up his second location and told me about his decision to install the radiant heating panels.”

After discovering the cost of the equipment and installation was about one-fifth of the cost of her current force-air systems, she was sold. While Schneider’s original studio still has a forced-air unit, her three newest locations all now have radiant electric panels.

Below Schneider shares her experience with Radiant Electric Heat.

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