Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes at Cleveland Yoga

Take your favorite Cleveland Yoga class online with Tami Schneider and Amy Schneider on the NEOU fitness app.  NEOU is an on-demand and live fitness streaming service built on a community of subscribers with workout and wellness classes for everything from yoga to HIIT bootcamp and more. Workouts are instructed by elite trainers and available anytime, anywhere.

Amy loves the app. “The NEOU app is amazing because of the variety. Not only does the app feature numerous types of fitness disciplines, but it also offers various time options. Whether you want to stretch for 10 minutes, do cardio for 15 minutes, or do yoga for 30 minutes, NEOU has you covered. There are so many talented and knowledgeable teachers on the NEOU platform. I’m honored and excited to be featured on app,” she said.

Workout at home or on the go. You can stream classes 24/7 with Tami and Amy on any screen: phone, tablet, computer or TV (Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Google Chromecast).  You’ll find beginner to advanced workouts, programs, and challenges to help you reach your individual goals. Easily filter thousands of classes by class type, duration, and body focus.

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