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Hometown: Cleveland,Ohio

How many years have you practiced yoga: 32 years

Favorite yoga pose: Depends on what I need in the moment…forearm

Words to live by: Life is happening for you, not to you.

Why did you start practicing yoga: I was introduced to it in my acting training at NYU

Mantra or daily affirmation: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu—May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

Favorite Book: Where the Crawdads Sing

What informs your practice: Everything

Your advice for beginner yogis: Great ready for your life to transform! If you started yoga to heal your back or to get a better butt ....BONUS! The real gift is in how the yoga practice calms your mind and heals you in every way!

3 words to describe you: Authentic, Open, Transparent

The pose that challenges you the most: Deep backbends and handstand in the middle of the room!

The best advice you've ever received: Pause, Notice, Choose

What's your teaching style: Jivamukti/Anusara with a dash of Power, Vinyasa

What do you do for fun: Hang out with friends, See theater, Practice yoga

What are you most grateful for: Yoga

Love What brings you peace: Yoga and being with friends or family that make me feel at home.

Where is your happy place: Anywhere warm and sunny or a great yoga class with a long savasana!

Who/what inspires you the most: I am inspired by people like Margaret Wheatley who is a heroic leader inspiring humanity to step into their power and lead with calm and compassion.

Instagram handle: @Marni.Task

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