Amy Schneider

Meet Yoga Teacher Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider began teaching yoga in 2007. She is a graduate of Cleveland Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training and is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher. Amy is grateful for her teachers Tami Schneider, Baron Baptiste, Jonny Kest, Parker Bean, every student that is a part of the Cleveland Yoga community, and the entire Cleveland Yoga staff. “I feel so lucky to work amongst such an inspiring and talented group of individuals at Cleveland Yoga. The energy at the studio that is created by the staff and the students is truly special and I’m blessed to be a part of it.”


Beachwood, OH

Sun Sign:



Aim, Amela, Schneids, Amy Beth, Amy B, Mini

I am grateful for:

My family’s unconditional love, my closest friends that are like family to me, and my husband, Zak.

What gives you peace?

Knowing that nothing is permanent.

What / Who inspires you:

People who always see the glass as half-full, regardless of external circumstances.

What can’t you live without?

Laughter! I love to laugh. I love people who make
me laugh. And music. Got to have music!

Best advice you have ever received:

“Everything in Moderation” – my Granny Lil

Words to describe your teaching style:

Sweaty, simple, physical, challenging, grounded.

I’ve never forgotten the moment in yoga when…

My teacher, Baron, said, “You have to suck before you can shine.” After hearing that,
nothing was off-limits.