Anthony Trem

Meet Yoga Teacher Anthony Trem



Cleveland, Ohio

Sun Sign:



Anth, Ant

What Inspires You?:

Opportunity. I work to grow physically and mentally daily, and there is always opportunity to grow more, learn more and be more.

The Yoga Pose That Challenges You the Most:

Revolving Triangle because it challenges my posture and it’s difficult for my hips and spine to rotate that while stretching my hamstrings.

Secret Comfort Food:

Biagio’s donuts & homemade chocolate chip cookies and pizzelles

Favorite Yoga Pose and Why:

Wheel – it’s fully opening and fully strengthening

Best Advice You’ve Ever Received:

Never settle. When you don’t feel challenged or like you are growing, it’s time that you move on and find that next milestone. From my wife.

Why Yoga?

This practice shared with me the opportunity to experience growth – mind and body – as well as the opportunity to see others experience it.

I am thankful for:

Everything in my life. Everything. But most importantly my three sweet boys and wife.