Debi Darnell

Meet Yoga Teacher Debi Darnell

Debi Darnell completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Cleveland Yoga in 2012. Debi furthered her yoga studies at Foundations in Action with Baron Baptiste, as well as the Baptiste Art of Assisting workshop.

She has also studied in the Yin tradition with Joe Barnett. In addition to yoga, she is a certified personal trainer and NYStrength Master of Fitness Design.


Elyria, OH

Sun Sign:




What can’t you live without?

Obviously yoga, but also coffee.

Favorite yoga pose and why?

Half Pigeon because it’s the ultimate ego check. When I began yoga, I was very tight and this pose was my nemesis. Over the course of practicing, I softened into it and felt the joy of achievement. And since then, my body has been back and forth in the tight/flexible range and I’ve learned to be with the pose in both situations. Half pigeon lets me know where I am currently, and then I observe my reactions.

The pose that challenges me the most:

Revolved half moon. There’s so much going on in that pose and it is a big challenge every.single.time.

Words to live by:

“Don’t quit today, quit tomorrow.” Repeat when necessary.

Best advice you have ever received:

“Sign up for the yoga teacher training”

Local escape:

Troubadour Coffee Roasters in Fairview has the best coffee, chill environment, and is my favorite place to sit and get creative and write.

Words to describe your teaching style:

Fun, Steady, Challenging. You need all three. If it’s only fun, it might not be effective or safe. If it’s only steady, it might be a bit boring, and you can mentally check out. If it’s only challenging, you may burn out. They balance each other well. Dance with all three and magic happens.