Janet Kanner

Meet Yoga Teacher Janet Kanner

Janet Kanner completed a 200-hour teacher program with Marni Task in 2008. Her education has continued through participation in the Baron Baptiste Art of Assisting program, and she has attended Bryan Kest and Jamie Allison workshops.

She appreciates every opportunity to learn. She is continually guided by the inspiring teachers at CY and other master teachers.



Cleveland, Ohio

Sun Sign:




I am thankful:

For my family, Neka, and the Cleveland Yoga community

Favorite Yoga Pose:

Ardha Chandrasana (Half-moon)…. Rising up from the earth, opening up and going to the edge of my body’s boundaries — feels like freedom!

The pose that challenges me the most:

Forearm plank….
Learning to overcome tensing up
and cramping my shoulders is
daunting. …Still working on
finding more loft in my core!

Best advice:

Speak less, listen more.
(An on-going challenge to follow!)

Favorite Quote:

Be kind; everything else is commentary.

Local Escape:

Running on the trails by the Chagrin River
near my home

I’ve never forgotten the moment
in yoga when:

I realized that through practicing yoga
the rust I had accumulated over time
in my whole being was transforming into
a more radiant and harmonious patina.