Jill Gregory

Meet Yoga Teacher Jill Gregory

Jill Gregory has been practicing yoga for 15 years. Yoga has helped her understand that everything is, and will be, okay. She enjoys how the practice quiets the mind and awakens us to the ways our emotional state is manifesting in different areas of our physical body.

Jill completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training through Cleveland Yoga in May 2017 and continues to seek new opportunities to learn about yoga, such as Sophia Cheng’s Pose Whisperer workshops.

Jill grew up as a dancer, so movement and alignment have been a big part of her life. She believes that the yoga practice is a dance, a partnership among the whole community. Through her yoga assists, she hopes to communicate that you are lovingly supported in your individual expression and to show that a familiar pose can always grow into a space that—as Marni Task says—is like “a whole new world!”

When not in the yoga studio, Jill strives to use her compassion and doctoral training as a research scientist to support learning, developing young minds as a tutor and educator.