Joanna Hatzopoulos

Meet Yoga Teacher Joanna Hatzopoulos

Joanna Hatzopoulos started teaching yoga as soon as she completed her 200-hour teacher training through Cleveland Yoga in May 2012.

She is grateful to have learned various yoga styles from profoundly inspiring teachers including Lois Steinberg, Tias Little, Nicolai Bachman, Peter Sterios, Tiffany Cruikshank, Jason Crandell, Tami Schneider, and the CY teaching team.

In addition to teaching, Joanna enjoys her roles as a hands-on assistant and yoga advisor at CY.



Harare, Zimbabwe

Sun Sign:

I’m on the cusp of Taurus and Gemini. Watch out!


Jo, Jojo

Favorite Word:


What gives you peace?

Knowing that I don’t need to know everything.

3 words to describe you:

Strong, creative, compassionate.

Favorite quote:

“Movement never lies.” Martha Graham

Best advice you have ever received:

“Have fun!” For over 20 years my husband has said this to me before important events in my life. He has sent cards, notes, e-mails, and now texts before interviews, auditions, or performances. That reminder to keep things light is a calming force for me.

What do you do for FUN:

Make sourdough bread, hike in the woods, see movies, hear live music, have long talks with my kids, cook with my husband, write, teach yoga.

I’ve never forgotten the moment in yoga when…

I first heard Tami Schneider’s voice on a Saturday morning. I knew I had found my yoga home.