William Dawson

Meet Yoga Teacher Judge William L. Dawson

Judge William L. Dawson is the administrative and presiding Judge of the East Cleveland Municipal Court in East Cleveland, Ohio and Yoga Teacher with Cleveland Yoga.

For the last four years, Judge Dawson has been running his court with a mission to help positively transform lives and empower greatness. To achieve that goal Judge Dawson conducts programs on “Avoiding Negative Interaction with the Police,” “Emotional Intelligence” and now, “Yoga.”

As a 200 hour RYT graduate of Cleveland Yoga, Judge Dawson teaches yoga to offenders right in the Courtroom where the offenders were sentenced and now he teaches power yoga at Cleveland Yoga!


East Cleveland

Sun Sign:



“Chilly Will”

3 words to describe you:

Focus, Passionate and Driven

What / Who inspires you:

I am inspired by legacy, that of my past and future.

The pose that challenges me the most:

Boat pose

Words to live by:

Be a Cycle Breaker

Words to describe your teaching style:

Powerful & Fun!

Local Escape:

Euclid Creek

Yoga pairs well with: