2020 RESET: Meditations to get the most out of the last two months

Join Scott Simon, Joe Tomino and Marni Task for the first-ever Wim Hof-inspired breathing and meditation experience that will leave you powered up and amazed.  This live event will be offered both in-studio and on zoom.

Win Hof is famously known as the Dutch “Ice Man.”  He holds the world record for swimming under ice, ran a half marathon around the arctic circle with no shoes and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in only shorts.  His extensive breathing training enables him to withstand more than most humans can think to endure.  On Monday, November 23, 7:30 p.m., Scott will lead you in a first-ever guided Wim Hof breathing experience!

To enhance this experience, Scott will be joined by Matisyahu and Dub Trio drummer Joe Tomino, who will be playing live at the event, and esteemed Cleveland yoga teacher Marni Task, who will lead the group in breathing and guided movement.

This is breathing like you’ve never done before, providing greater energy, creativity, endurance and recovery.

Cost:  $10 Per Session
50% of every session fee will be donated directly to Feed America and the Cleveland Foodbank., so participating is a damn good deed in itself.  And if you are a mindful superstar and attend all 4 sessions, you’ll have a chance to win four one-on-one life coaching sessions.


Monday, November 23:  Power Up: “Wim Hoff-inspired” Energy, Breathwork + Meditation

Monday, December 7:  Mind and Body Relaxation: Tap Into Your Deepest, Most Peaceful Place, Mentally and Physically

Monday, December 21:  Staying Present and Joyous During the Holidays