Crescent Warrior and Why We Love It!

The thing about Crescent Warrior that is so likable is that it is not Warrior I! In Warrior I, you’re pressing down and back through the back foot while asking that same hip to push forward. It’s hard, deliberate work that pushes our comfort level.

Crescent Warrior — or Crescent Lunge — is easily adjustable to your edge, all while strengthening the quadriceps of your front thigh and stretching the quadriceps and hip flexors of your back thigh. Further, you reset your spine — and therefore posture  — when you reach your ribs up and away from your hips and the crown of your head to the ceiling.

Taking this pose, a Baptiste staple in the Vitality series, to your edge feels good because you have the steadiness of your front leg and foot grounding down. Simply, sinking your hips closer to the mat or rolling higher on your back tip toes will exaggerate the pose and increase the challenge. To reduce the workload, simply widen your base side to side, zip your belly up and in, or put a soft bend in your back knee.

How to do Crescent Lunge:

  • Place your right foot at the top center of your mat
  • Bend your right knee 90 degrees, stacking your right knee over your right ankle
  • Step your left foot to the back of your mat, heel stacked over toes
  • With your hips square to the wall in front of you, lift your hands to the ceiling
  • Relax your shoulders away from your ears, pull your belly up and in, pulling your shoulder blades around your spine