Anna in the Raw – Now for Sale in our Beachwood Boutique

Cleveland Yoga is excited to partner with Chef Anna Harouvis, owner of Anna in the Raw!  Our Beachwood Boutique will now be selling her raw juices!  Supplies go fast – get yours when we are stocked!

Not only is Cleveland Yoga excited to offer high quality products that support the health and wellness of our guests, but Anna is a hard working, local Clevelander, making an outstanding mark on the city.  Her juices and raw foods serve the Cleveland Cavaliers, as well as soldiers at Quantico, and now she serves you!



Anna Harouvis is well known for creating masterpieces through her cooking. Her focus on raw ingredients, coupled with a true organic, clean style of cooking has taken her customers through a culinary journey.  Anna’s eclectic style has landed her spots on a variety of major networks showcasing her culinary creations including Good Company, Cleveland Magazine and Live Well magazine.

Anna grew up in the kitchen, watching her Greek immigrant grandmother preparing  dinners. It wasn’t long before she had mastered the family recipes.  “Cooking is what we did in our family,” says Chef Anna Harouvis, “when other kids were going out to play after school, I was making dinner for my brothers.”

Her father, who owned and operated The London Bar and Grill  which was once located in downtown Cleveland across from Public Square, taught Anna about the food industry and how to run a business.

Anna followed in her family’s footsteps and for the last 18 years has owned and operated Good To Go Cafe located in the IMG Building in downtown Cleveland. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch utilizing local and organic food and caters to many health conscious businesses in the Greater Cleveland area.  Chef Anna maintains nutritious food and longevity as her company’s standard, listing the cities highest performing athletes like the Cleveland Cavaliers and The Cleveland Indians as her customers.

It is her passion for creating meals with fresh and organic foods that inspired her to begin her raw foods line, Anna in the Raw.  Everyone from acclaimed chefs, celebrities and athletes have embraced her for her creative concept dishes.

With so many medical problems, more people are becoming aware of healthy living practices. “Raw cooking is the cornerstone of healthy living. It is about maintaining the integrity of the food. Raw food is the fountain of youth,” says Anna.

Chef Anna continues to define the raw lifestyle concept in her hometown of Cleveland with her own line of Kale Chips which offer a delicious and health conscious alternative to snacks and a line of juices designed to re-energize and cleanse the body of toxins and support the healthy decision to change unhealthy habits.  Her raw juice cleanse is quickly becoming popular and is used by several well-known local chefs.