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Teacher certification: E-RYT 500

Hometown: Jamestown, New York (Chautauqua Lake)

How many years have you practiced yoga: 13 years

Favorite yoga pose: Balancing Half Moon - Ardha Chandrasana

Words to live by: Humility, Kindness and Respect

Why did you start practicing yoga: Change up my fitness routine.

Mantra or daily affirmation: Random Acts of Kindness

Favorite book: Fiction - A little romance, a little mystery.

What informs your practice: Anatomy research

Your advice for beginner yogis: Your practice will change when you find your breath! Your biggest threat to finding your best self on your mat is your ego.

3 words to describe you: Loyal, Supportive, Team Player

The pose that challenges you the most: Forearm Balance - Pincha Mayurasana

The best advice you've ever received: Once you find your breath, your practice will change.

What's your teaching style: The intention behind my class is to bring body awareness to my students. Body awareness will empower them to trust themselves, to use their breath and create a new edge.

What do you do for fun: Fun in my life is soon going to have a new meaning. My youngest son is heading off to college this fall and my husband and I will be empty nesters. Let the fun begin!

What are you most grateful for: I am grateful for the personal challenges that I experienced in the last few years. They have given me the strength to believe in myself and not worry about others thoughts or opinions. LIFE CHANGING!

What brings you peace: Hands down, having all of my kids home!

Where is your happy place: On the beach with my entire extended family.

Who/what inspires you the most: My kids inspire me. It's because of them I want to be my best self.

Instagram: @stoverdawson

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