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Hometown: Gates Mills

How many years have you practiced yoga: 14

Favorite yoga pose: Revolved Triangle

Words to live by: Be Kind

Why did you start practicing yoga: My husband took me to class

Mantra or daily affirmation: Gratitude

Favorite book: Too many to list... Miracles in Pranic Healing

What informs your practice: mindfulness

Your advice for beginner yogis: Be Patient, Practice often, Listen to your body

3 words to describe you: compassionate, bright, generous

The pose that challenges you the most: Standing Leg Raise

The best advice you've ever received: Treat others the way you want to be treated

What's your teaching style: Fun, Hard, Sweaty

What do you do for fun: Yoga LOL I enjoy reading, gardening and going to the beach

What are you most grateful for: My family

What brings you peace: My Meditation practice

Where is your happy place: My Backyard

Who/what inspires you the most: My husband/family

Instagram handle: @MeganMalloyVelotta

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