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Immersive Experience on September 30

Join Founder and Author of Scare Your Soul, Scott Simon and Cleveland Yoga’s Tami Schneider as they guide you through a full day of yoga and transformation.

Scott Simon


Tami Schneider


Saturday, September 30 from 10am -  4:00pm 

Cost:  $125 

Harness connection, innovation, creativity, and joy! 


Be guided through experiences that will motivate and inspire you to be more courageous and happier through discussions, setting daily rituals, meditations, yoga practices, community engagement, and personal triumph.


Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

– Mary Oliver


Awaken your courage.

Awaken your one wild and precious life.

Awaken your practice.

We all experienced a pandemic. We’ve retreated in ways that felt safe. And now, many of us feel stuck. Or in a rut. Or anxious. Some of us have fallen asleep to the things that blazed our trails. 


It’s time to AWAKEN. 


Returning by popular request, this specially designed program will wake up your sense of adventure and curiosity. Tami will lead you in yoga practices that will surprise, empower, and strengthen your body and spirit. Scott will lead self-discovery sessions - based on his brand new book - SCARE YOUR SOUL - that will crack open your life with more courage and adventure.  


There will be tons of boundary-pushing physical movement, new learning, group discussions, and journaling. You'll help create a new, sustainable community, while supporting each other as you share and celebrate.  

Wear breathable clothes for practice sessions and attire that you can sit comfortably for discussions and meditations.  Bring a journal and a pen, water bottle, yoga mat and practice towel.  Snacks to sustain your energy will be provided.  


See your life as an unfolding set of opportunities to AWAKEN! 


All participants will receive a copy of the Scare Your Soul book and two weeks of unlimited yoga.

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