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December 13-15, 2024

January 10-12, 2025 

January 17-18, 2025


October 4-6, 2024

October 18-20, 2024

November, 8-10, 2024 

November 22-24, 2024


December 13-15, 2024

January 10-12, 2025 

January 17-18, 2025


All weekend times: Fridays - 5pm-9pm; Saturdays - 8am-6pm; Sundays - 8am-6pm 


Intention of Each Weekend:  To immerse, unite, explore, sweat and learn. Join teachers in your community and beyond, to create, learn and refine your teaching skills. Our 300-Hour program is about practicing, teaching, panel discussions, real communication and connection, story-telling, meditation, skill-building, and effective leadership coaching that you can bring to your classes and teams and share immediately.  


Re-awaken What You Already Know; Renew your inspiration and rev-up your teaching skills through live coaching and supportive feedback. Create a powerful physical and metaphysical practice by realigning with your passion for teaching. Become a more skillful leader and sharpen your teaching language and direction. Create skill-building techniques to strengthen your students bodies and minds. Do a deeper dive into the chakra energy systems and how/why it works with our strong physical practices.  


Anatomy, Alignment, Assists and Various Abilities. Level up your understanding of alignment, anatomy and effectively speak to what you're activating and strengthening with each pose; gain a better understanding of the kinetic chain and how each body part is connected; deepen your ability to assist and connect with this anatomical knowledge; and learn how better to teach various abilities and those with injuries or conditions. Connect on a deeper level with mindful techniques, care and quality student relationships.  

Become Who You Are Becoming. As a yoga teacher; you are a business, a leader and a brand. What conversations are you having with yourself and your community?  What conversations need to end in order to free up your purpose. Create excellent communications that are real, genuine and supportive…not only for you, but for others.  Be yourself on and off the mat, through community connection and engagement.



Tier #1 - before 02/09/2024 - $3100

Tier #2 - before 04/09/2024 - $3600

Tier #3 - before 06/09/2024 - $4100

FULL TUITION - After 06/09/2024 - $4600



  • A 30-class pass for Cleveland Yoga to use between the start and end dates of your program
  • 10% tuition discount for Cleveland Yoga unlimited passholders. (Non-refundable registration fee still applies).
  • 10% discount of all boutique items (apparel, mats, CY gear, etc.) through the duration of the training.
  • All required reading material provided.
  • Self-paced study (or distance learning). This means: During off contact hour-weekends or long-breaks, *required assignments must be completed (min. 30 hrs) at your own pace.
    • Required assignments can take the form of reading, essays, video reviews, and community projects.

300-Hour Teacher Training

$4,600.00 Regular Price
$4,100.00Sale Price


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