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Teacher certification:  200 CYT  -2022 @ Cleveland Yoga 

Hometown: Born and raised in Cleveland! 

How many years have you practiced yoga: I have been practicing for over 10 years. 

Favorite yoga pose: Triangle. It’s the pose that opens up everything for me.  

Words to live by:  Everything happens for a reason, so just let go.   

Why did you start practicing yoga: My cousin asked me to join her for a yoga class.  After the first one, I needed to know more and learn more. I felt different after that. Never stopped since!  

Mantra or daily affirmation:  I have two “ If not now, when?” And. “ Say it before it’s too late” 

Favorite Book:  Any book written by Colleen Hoover 

What informs your practice:  Always being a student. There is so much more to learn from other teachers.  

Your advice for beginner yogis: Just breathe and move.  Nothing has to be perfect or on-point.  Always look around the room at other students for inspiration. 

3 Words to Describe You:  Happy, Simple and Passionate 

The pose that challenges you the most: Shavasana.  Staying still and keeping my mind still is a challenge. 

The best advice you've ever received: No regrets. Always be confident in your decision.  It was the right one for you.  

What's your teaching style: Dynamic . Strong. Fun 

What do you do for fun: Eat. Spend time with my family & friends.  Always cooking something! 

What are you most grateful for: My family, my kids, my health, a great laugh, a strong hug & warm sunny days. 

What brings you peace: Knowing that my kids are pursuing their dreams. 

Where is your happy place: The inside of my car!  I love to roll down all the windows and sing as loud as I can ! 

Who/what inspires you the most: My grandfather was a huge inspiration to me.  His lifelong journey, struggles and courage to overcome anything in his path.  Definitely my biggest inspiration and hero! 

Instagram handle:  @court5100

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