Wellness Well-Being with Jacky Kalaani & Julie DiBiasio

DATE: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Time: 12:30 - 2:30 PM
Location: Westlake

Start your year off right! Join seasoned Wellness Coach Jacky Kalaani and Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach Julie DiBiasio as they teach you how to adapt a holistic approach to health and wellness by evaluating different dimensions of your life to discover what YOU truly want. Learn how to evaluate your health with a supported approach, leaving you feeling empowered.

Finding your way to balanced wellness is challenging. We often look only at one dimension and expect to notice a change. In order to create a lasting change, we will first understand your expectations and evaluate your lifestyle that contribute to certain habits. Then, we will take you through the Well-Being Wheel. This tool consists of areas in your life such as, relationships, sleep, nutrition, and stress management. We will help you uncover the areas in your life where you are satisfied and dissatisfied. We will coach you through questions to prompt you and get you present to what you want in your life. Next, we will take you through a 75 min practice. Lastly, we will finish up with a discussion on habit formation and healthy changes to balance your Well-Being wheel based on your needs.

All levels welcome!

Workshop Cost: $30